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From Halloween to Finaween: Celebrating the Day of the Dead in the Canary Islands

Artículo blog de Halloween a Finaween

  “Halloween and the Charm of Festivities The arrival of October brings a celebration that many people eagerly anticipate: Halloween. The streets are filled with spooky costumes, decorations, and treats. It’s a time for fun, mischief, and, of course, sweets. But what is the true origin of Halloween? The celebration on October 31st originated many centuries ago in Ireland. This celebration was introduced to America in the 19th century when Europeans arrived on the continent. The tradition of ‘Halloween’ marked the definitive boom for globalization. But in the Canary Islands, there’s a tradition that takes a different turn on October 31st. Instead of Halloween, our tradition has always been to celebrate ‘el día de los Finaos.’ Discovering the Day of the Dead in the Canary Islands: a tribute to the deceased This festival, rooted in Canary Island culture, is an occasion to honor ancestors and the souls of the deceased. In its early days, ‘Los Finaos’ was a true nighttime gathering where families and neighbors came together to share stories, tales, and jokes. The night was filled with laughter and moments of camaraderie while remembering loved ones who were no longer among them. Wine was served, and delights such as chestnuts, walnuts, and sweets were shared. Although the tradition of ‘Los Finaos’ has evolved over time, it is still celebrated in rural areas of the Canary Islands. The festivities typically include music, with timples and guitars adding a festive atmosphere. Drinks and appetizers are shared among participants, and in some rural communities, the sacrifice and preparation of a small pig take place, known as ‘matazón.’ Finaween at ‘La Jaira de Ana’ At ‘La Jaira de Ana,’ we value and celebrate this ancestral tradition. But we also know that everyone enjoys the excitement of Halloween. That’s why we’ve decided to combine the best of both worlds in our event ‘Finaween.’”   Celebrating Together at Finaween At “Finaween,” you’ll be able to enjoy: Traditional decorations that honor the authenticity of the festival. 1 tapa 1 drink A DJ to get you moving. So, if you want to experience Canary Island culture and the fun of Halloween in one place, we invite you to join us at “Finaween” at “La Jaira de Ana”!

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