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In a significant milestone towards sustainability and the fulfillment of the 2030 Agenda, Anabel Calderín, the visionary behind La Jaira de Ana, has participated in the sessions of the Ecoisla Gran Canaria 2030 Symposium. Through this event, Anabel highlights the crucial role of education and sustainable practice in the primary sector, offering a replicable and effective model to promote a sustainable future in Gran Canaria and beyond.



La Jaira de Ana: Education and Sustainability at the Heart of Gran Canaria

La Jaira de Ana stands as a beacon of innovation and commitment to sustainability in Gran Canaria. Under the leadership of Anabel Calderín, this pioneering project merges education, sustainability, and rural development, serving as a practical example of how to live sustainably and responsibly with the environment.

Promoting the Primary Sector Through Educational Experiences

La Jaira de Ana’s approach to education about the origin of products and the importance of the primary sector is crucial. Through playful and educational activities, Calderín and her team aim to raise awareness of the value of local products and the work they entail, fostering a deep appreciation for sustainability and the rural environment.

Gender Equality and Support for Vulnerable Groups

The female management and support for women victims of gender violence highlight the social commitment of La Jaira de Ana. This project not only advocates for gender equality within the primary sector but also offers real opportunities to vulnerable groups, aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainable Technologies: Solar Energy and CO2 Reduction at La Jaira de Ana

The implementation of solar and photovoltaic energy at La Jaira de Ana not only reduces the carbon footprint but also serves as a living testimony of sustainable practices in action. Through the direct sale of products like Anabel’s cheeses, the project minimizes the need for distribution and, consequently, its environmental impact, marking a step forward towards comprehensive sustainability.

A Model for the Future: La Jaira de Ana and the 2030 Agenda

La Jaira de Ana positions itself as an inspiring model for the implementation of the 2030 Agenda in Gran Canaria and other regions. Its holistic approach to sustainability, education, and gender equality is a clear example of how local initiatives can positively influence the achievement of global sustainability goals.

Anabel Calderín’s commitment to sustainability, demonstrated through her participation in the Ecoisla Gran Canaria 2030 Symposium, is a call to action for all sectors of society. La Jaira de Ana is not just a project; it is a path towards a more sustainable, equitable, and conscious future, showing that change begins with education and local action.

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