The Jaira of Ana

The Jaira of Ana - Who are we?

Come and meet us!

The Jaira of Ana is a family project born in 2002, which begins to take shape several years later (2018) to accommodate a new agricultural entrepreneurial project, whose main objective is to offer a space in a rural environment that make visible the importance of the primary sector for Canarian culture and society, through participatory experiences and environmental workshops; as well as giving value to local products through tastings, sampling and sale of products.
This initial idea is taking shape to give rise to what is now known as “The Jaira of Ana”, a very special farm school, in which we have taken care of every last detail to create a different alternative.
A place of learning where young and old can enjoy contact with nature, in an environment where animals live in freedom, happy and free from exploitation.
The Jaira of Ana, a family project born out of love for animals
My name is Anabel Calderín Castro and I'm in charge The Jaira of Ana. You could say I'm “a country girl” , because the truth is that I've been very lucky to grow up surrounded by nature and animals. My father comes from a family of shepherds, so I have always been linked to the rural world, in one way or another.
This project was actually born thanks to my mother, an enterprising and forward-looking woman. She is the one who starts all the necessary procedures that by my father's hands, made this dream come true.
As a social worker, I believe in collaborative and cyclical economics, based on responsibility, humility and respect for nature.
Ana's Jaira is my little contribution to society, with which I intend to emphasize environmental care, ecological culture and sustainability; teaching the world that nature is our reason for being and that we are all part of the same cycle, which we must protect and care for.
“I want the children to stop thinking that the milk comes from a bottle bought at the supermarket”
Come and meet us!
Come spend a different day and enjoy the contact with nature and animals. Remember that in our farm school, we have workshops that we can adapt to your needs. Tell us what aspects you would like to promote and we will create a workshop that adapts to your needs.
Our main objective is to encourage collaborative contact with the environment and the animals, so that all attendees have the opportunity to actively participate in the workshops and activities, enjoying the experience.
During these years, I have not stopped training in the primary sector and the rural environment, as I am aware of the importance of training and professionalism in this and any other profession.
I wouldn't like to say goodbye without thanking University Foundation of Las Palmas, as well as SPEGC, that have offered me so much support and help through their entrepreneurship programs, where they have provided me with the necessary tools to continue maturing this project based on the StartUp methodology.
The Director of the Centre
My Jaira's aren't crazy. They know what they want!
Meet the Jairas of the Jaira of Ana
Bartolo is the king of the place. He is only one year old but he is already an artist. He loves to pose and be noticed.
Carmita is a mocha (hornless) and murga (short-eared) goat. But don't be fooled, she has a lot of character.
The unicorn goat (because one of its horns was broken). According to mythology, she is a symbol of abundance.
A jet-black, Tagoror loves to group her friends together so they don't go off the rails.
Arbeja is the leader of the pack. Grey, white and brown, he's always on the lookout for order.
Calufa loves to spend time outdoors and climb on top of logs. She's black and white, like chess pieces.
Alcancía is a great saver and as its name suggests, it does not like to waste fodder.
Josefina de la Torre
A real female landmark, Josefina de la Torre is black and white and also mocha (i.e. she has no horns).
Lolita Massieu
Our farm is full of artists. Lolita Massieu is white as a snowflake. A real beauty, no doubt.
Belingo is a very spirited goat, he loves to have a good time! He loves a good time! With Belingo we are going to the mountains!