The Jaira of Ana

The Jaira of Ana

The First Farm School in Agüimes

Come and enjoy a different day!

“My jairas and I are looking forward to meeting you”

Give an unforgettable experience

Would you like to visit a different farm school and spend a fun day in contact with nature and animals?

To children, direct contact with animals is a very positive thing. It helps them to get closer to nature, learning to value, respect and care for the environment.

At La Jaira de Ana, we want to bring you closer to the rural environment by generating value through workshops and 100% participatory experiences, where you can learn what the day-to-day life of a farm is like.

A different, fun and educational alternative where schools, groups and families will enjoy an unforgettable day.

Welcome to La Jaira de Ana

A day at the farm!
A day where children will be the real protagonists of our farm, actively participating in many activities.


Schools and associations: 8€ / underage

Families (with food tasting):

Adults: 18€

Children: 15€

*Ask about our group or large family discounts. *Pregunta por nuestros descuentos para grupos o familias numerosas.
Sponsor your Jaira
The good care of our jairas and their baifos, that they have a healthy and balanced feeding... will generate that they obtain an excellent quality in their milk.


Adults: 95€ (one-off payment)

Children's: 75€ (one-off payment)

Families: 125€ (one-off payment)

*Sponsoring a Jaira has multiple benefits for its sponsors, beyond your contribution to the welfare encourages Ask me without obligation.
Tasting of local products
The local products of our islands are the favorite subject in our agricultural space, based on personalized tastings and samplings in each of the visits.
*Ask for our tasting menu of local products or participate in one of our tastings of seasonal products. Check here for availability and prices.

Meet the guests of La Jaira de Ana

I am Anabel Calderín Castro, mother of Ana's Jairas

And although they are the real protagonists, in my farm school several other guests live together like chickens, rabbits and donkeys.

Together, we live on this 20.000 m2 property located in the Canary Island, municipality of Agüimes, just 30 minutes out of town.

We have a space for social, cultural and educational activities among others.

If you decide to come and meet us, you'll discover why my Jairas are the happiest on the whole island, and you'll be able to run, play and jump with them.

In the Jaira of Ana we only have one rule:

It is forbidden not to touch!

And although they are the real protagonists, in my farm school several other guests live together like chickens, rabbits and donkeys.

The farm can be reached by minibus or private vehicle. In the case of buses, they must be parked in the designated area and to take a five-minute walk to the farm.

We love the natural
An animal lover since I was a child, I can't conceive of my life without them.
Here the animals live in freedom, because only by being happy can they grow up healthy and provide us with the best products that we then take to our table.
In our farm we promote local products, fresh and organic food (with a country flavour), which you will be able to taste in our tastings.
For a sustainable future
Life is part of a life cycle of which we human beings are a part, and it is our obligation to care for it and respect it.
In La Jaira de Ana, we promote socio-environmental education as a vehicle to make agriculture, livestock and sustainable development the first step towards social transformation, leaving a better world for our next generations.

Collaborators of La Jaira de Ana